Thursday, August 10, 2017

The closet editing adventure continues...

In my continuing effort to edit my closet, here are some more things leaving this summer. 
I have been taking a good hard look at what I actually wear vs. what is stuffing my closet.

Here are some skirts that have been hanging around
that get passed over time and again

Daisy print lace midi

Two maxi skirts
 I must face the fact that as much as I love the idea of a flowing maxi in the summertime
 I just don't wear them 

A few accessories that have been replaced,
but I have a hard time letting go

Sandals that are great looking but too high

Some tops that still have their hanger's turned backward
and haven't been considered all season
I have gotten pretty good wear from all of them, they just don't feel like me anymore,
so time to say good bye

I wear dresses a lot, but these keep getting passed over, for one reason or another.
Most of them have been in my wardrobe for a long time, so the fit and style is off for me, now  

I like this jumpsuit, I'm into them this summer, but this one just does't fit well

same with these print crops

I am donating some of these things, consigning some 
and I have started a Poshmark closet for the better brand items
@uweariwear, if anyone is interested

I hope they all find new homes with someone who loves them
and I hope your closet edits are going well!

1 comment:

  1. OH WOW you are really into the closet edit mode! This is a lot of stuff :)
    I wish the last pair of printed pants fit...