Thursday, September 7, 2017

Nordstrom Rack shop

So many pretty things at Nordstrom Rack on this visit!

First up, this dress from Top Shop is absolutely gorgeous in person
Rows of sweet ruffles and pearly buttons, 
and the whole dress is beaded onto a sheer fabric with a lining underneath
So feminine.  Where can I wear this beauty?

I saw major ruffles everywhere, like on the tiered skirt of this dress
   in one of the season's most popular colors-Pantone's "Ballet Slipper" Pink.

Speaking of color-the hottest color of the season is really, really red,
or "Grenadine" in Pantone-speak.  This dress is a simple shape in a knock-out color! 

Another big color this season is blue, and I saw every shade.
 I've been seeing a lot of flirty, flouncy hems like this one, too.

I like this paisley shirtdress with it's interesting twisted knot waistline
It looks like a great transition piece that would go with chunky sandals now,
and boots, later

This ditsy floral dress with a ruffled cut out in the back
 has a vintage 70's look that I'm loving this season 

Another current trend on display,
  this beautifully embroidered topper with the lingerie look of a robe

Here's a very nicely cut and versatile waterfall front jacket, the color is a creamy ivory
(unfortunately, the lighting in this dressing room was really weird)

A cute little floral cropped zip front jacket that I should have just bought on the spot!

Another cropped style, in a 60's mod inspired top

The color olive and lots of different sleeve treatments
 are still going strong this season
A deep bell sleeve on this blouse,

and two rows of ruffles on the sleeves of this blue blouse with bows, too

This blouse reminds me of "Little House on the Prairie"
This looked hideous on me, but I have seen some women
on the street really rocking' this look!

More floaty ruffles on this long sleeves blouse in a rich, dark red 

 Asymmetrical hems continue to be popular, 
here on a faux wrap skirt in "Tawny Port"

Luxurious fabrics like velvet, embellishments like embroidery
 and furs, faux furs and shearling are trending this season,
 this cute pleated skirt in (p)leather caught my eye

Lastly, I love the new shape pleated and tapered shape of these trousers

There are a lot of new shapes and colors that I like appearing this season
How are you feeling about this fall's trends?

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  1. Oh this is a lot of good stuff ! What did you do ?! The dresses, the blouses..
    I get what you say, sometimes we see a garment looking marvellous on other women and then we try them on an it looks like a costume. Been there too.