Thursday, March 31, 2016

Thrifted jackets

I usually blog about my weekly thrifting experience (it's like therapy, to me!), but this week I thought I'd show you a few of the items a have bought recently, and have managed to work into my wardrobe.  Lately, this been these two jackets.

I thrifted this zebra print jacket, by Charter Club, originally from Macy's

and this black and white striped jacket, by Lou & Grey, originally from Ann Taylor.

There are a lot more possibilities with these jackets.  When I am making the decision of what to buy, and mentally click off the ways I can  possibly make outfits, black and white is an easy place to start! 

Monday, March 28, 2016

Easter dress

I hope everyone had a Happy Easter!

I have a new dress from Nordstrom Rack.  I love the impressionistic floral print.  It's sleeveless, (I was being optimistic about the weather) but it turned chilly and cloudy on Easter, so I had to enlist a cardigan.  

New (this season) shoes from Franco Sarto.  I love these.  They are comfortable, with a walkable heel, and in a great neutral tone for me.  The bag has been in my wardrobe, and just happens to be a perfect match.  A stroke of luck!


and flowers

are finally starting to bloom,

and be locally available to buy, for planting.  Can't wait to get my hands dirty!

Friday, March 25, 2016

Nordstrom Rack shop

I do most of my shopping in the early spring and early fall, so I'm really out there, now!
This is what I found at Nordstrom Rack.  It's kind of hit or miss for me at this store, but I found some possibilities this time.

 I like the color, and cut outs on this dress

 Love the stripes on these.  Stripes going in all directions, even better!

 A floaty dress, with a great 60's pattern

and a similar floaty top, with a less dramatic print.  I'm drawn to this style, but it's really difficult  for me to wear

  I'm loving the lace trend,

and the mini pleat trend

 And the shoulder cut out trend is growing on me, (although it's hard to get the effect, on the hanger)

This one is adorable!
 I didn't notice it until I was on my way out.  I'll have to stop back in to try it on, but gotta run, today.

I ended up buying these shoes, but the zipper in the back broke on the second wear, and I had to returned them :( 

I also bought these Rebecca Minkoff back and front earrings, which I love!

Progress is slow but sure.  I feel like a kid in a candy shop, there is so much to choose from, just now!

Monday, March 21, 2016

Pantone colors for spring

A sort of serenity cardigan,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

And a kind of rose quartz skirt, that I wore a few times around the Christmas holidays.

A lot of women are currently thinking about the Pantone colors for spring.  Possibly deciding which ones you like, and want to add to your spring wardrobe, and which ones you can work with, possibly in a print or accessory. And, there are probably those you would just as well pass on. Rose quartz, THE color for spring, is turning out to be a bit of a challenge to work into my current closet.  Brights and clear mid tones are the dominate colors, now.  It's going to take some( creativity to work muted pastels in.   I like snorkel blue and fiesta the best, but I'm definitely going to see what I can come up with for some of the others!

Here's what I found in my closet already.

A tissue thin pullover in rose quartz and peach echo stripes, and a rose quartz-ish faux wrap sweater,

a sort of serenity baby cable cardigan and a light wash denim shirt,

a something like rose quartz shoulder bag, and a somewhere near limpet shell clutch.  (On second thought, it's not very close to limpet shell at all)

Two floral print cardigans, one serenity and snorkel-ish, and one rose and peach-ish.

Iced coffee.  This was in the give away box.  I pulled it out, and maybe I will get some inspiration for it this spring.

And lastly, a couple of scarfs that seem to fit the bill.

That's about it, I'll see what I can do with these!

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Happy Saint Patrick's Day

In honor of St. Patrick's Day, a little green!


This is what I wore last year, more green, of course.  What would St. Patrick's Day be, without GREEN!

And here is a close up of the elf pins on my shirt.
They are from the 50's, and are made from teeny tiny ceramic molds.

Hope everyone enjoys the day!

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

This week's thrift shop


I am thinking more about my spring wardrobe, as the pastels and florals are hitting the shops, crowding out the winter clearance racks, at last.

Here's what I found at my local Goodwill.

Some pretty, lacy tops 

Some 70's vibe boho blouses

Light and airy spring pastels

Diamonds and stripes

I liked all of these on the hanger, but I didn't love them on me. 
 I did buy a pink and black color block tank top, to see how I can mix it in with my spring wardrobe. 

After I got home and thought about it, I should have bought these two small, colorful cross body bags.  Ah, hindsight.  they will not be there when I return, I'm sure.

Monday, March 14, 2016

WhoWhatWear at Target

I saw the WhoWhatWear collection at Target, last month, or part of it, anyway.  I liked a lot of the pieces, and many of them seemed pretty versatile. I bought the black and white striped asymmetrical flounced hem dress, and the polka dot pleated skirt.  Here's how I've worn them, so far.

With polka dot blouse and burgundy belt and 
t-strap heels.

With two toned pink top and matchy pink belt and bag.

I tried on this dress from the collection, also, but it was not for me.

And, this one, too.  It was a little short for me, and I didn't buy it,  but I loved it on!  By looking at it on the hanger, I would never have thought it would be flattering on-you never know!

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Shoe shopping

Last week, I got the shoe shopping bug, and stopped in at Marshall's, first. They just got in a lot of really cute new spring shoes.

I'm craving platforms, right now.  All three of these have a retro 70's look that I love.
The fringe!

The hardware!

The woven straps!
These fit the best.  They are by Guess, a brand just seems to fit my feet well, most of the time. 

Then there are the lace ups!

Here's a cute pair.  I've seen a lot in black, and shades of brown.  These are refreshing in ivory, and I like the sliver of a wedge heel.  Completely flat shoes are big right now, but are hard for me to wear, since I have high arches, so this is a nice alternative.

These are just plain pretty

At Nordstrom Rack, I liked these. The neutral color, and the stacked heel seem like they would work with a lot of outfits.  Sam Edelman is another brand that just seems to fit me well.

This week, I checked out DSW.  Because who can resist a $20 off coupon!

The cork is fun

 I like the soft taupe tone of these, and the tassel ties

 And these have a little wedge heel, and I love the color!

I'm trying to stay away from black, right now, but I really like the details on these...tempting

And of course, I checked out the platforms-so 70's, and so cute!

I need to make a decision, before my favorites in my size fly off the shelves!