Sunday, October 18, 2020

Traditional fall colors

Hello everyone, and thanks for stopping by!

I must admit, I don't have a lot of traditional fall colors in my wardrobe
 I love the warm rich shades of gold, orange, rust and brown of the season on others
 but generally steer clear of them for me, as they fight with my cool skin tone

October is definitely the time of year to wear the beautiful muted tones of fall
so I thought I would do a post of a few things in my closet that qualify
Here are two dresses in autumn colors 

This first outfit is made up of a dark floral dress with a print of fantastic
oversized blooms in red, orange and yellow
I layered the dress over a semi sheer black net top   

Very October!
I love a big, swishy skirt full of flowers

Carrying a vintage orange vinyl handle bag from the sixties

Warm, gold tone jewelry to accessorize: 
A hinged choker and long bar earrings

Black and royal T-strap kitten heels to finish the look

Next, all out with the autumnal shades 
A red, orange, rust and white diagonally striped dress
under an bright red cropped jacket

A lot of color!

Carrying a caramel color pouch bag
with a faux tortoise ring handle

For jewelry, a gold tone and orange enamel buckle bracelet
and curved bar earrings   

Camel tan heeled tassel loafers to complete this outfit

Here is the same dress as above, in an outfit from last year, fall 2019
I'm wearing it layered over a white bow sleeve blouse
and with the tie belt/sash that came with the dress

Autumn by the bay

Lovely colors of the season

Stay safe and enjoy your week!

Sunday, October 11, 2020

Samba Red

Hi everyone, I hope you are all safe and well!

Samba Red is one of Pantones's color picks for this fall and winter season,
so we will all be seeing this shade a lot in fashion and it will be readily available 
I'm a long time lover of all shades of red, so this is good news for me!

For this post I have put together a few outfits using this bright and bold red color 

First, a longer blazer in Samba red layered over a black camisole blouse
with a high waisted zip front pencil skirt in a black and ivory weave

The color red really adds punch to a basic black and white outfit!

Carrying an ivory reptile embossed fold over clutch
with a geometric deco inspired stripe pattern

For jewelry I chose a silver tone open design choker necklace 
and a ball hinged bracelet.  I added red heart ❤️ shaped hand crafted earrings-
my favorite motif!  

Black and tan cap toe sling back spectator pumps to finish the outfit

Another outfit using this bright red color in a mock neck blouse
 layered under a black blazer
Worn with a pop art style geometric print skirt
in red, peach, black and white

Bright color can really help lift my spirits!

 Carrying a rectangular black studded handle bag

The pattern and color in this outfit seem to call for bold jewelry,
so I picked out a gold tone open cuff bracelet and long bar earrings to accessorize 

Black suede wedge heel pumps with buckle detail to complete the outfit

One of many outfits styled with the color red from the past
A red lightweight top coat from last fall 
I wore it over a leopard print sheath dress and bow neck blouse
The shoes are the same ones in the first outfit, above
This was from a post last November about Autumn Outerwear  

Red from the flower garden 🌺

And from the vegetable 🍅 garden earlier this summer 

Hope everyone is having a good week and thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, October 4, 2020

Vested Interest

 Thanks for stopping by my blog, I hope you are all well!

I am seeing vests of all types trending this season-
waist length, hip length and all the way down to maxi length
A vest can add interest to an outfit with lots of layering options 

For this post I am styling two vests that I shopped my closet for
These have been in my wardrobe for several years and though I don't wear them often,
 I hold on to them because they are difficult to find sometimes, but not now!
Now is a good time to purchase one if you like them
since this is a season when a lot of designers are showing them
  and there is a lot of variety out there to chose from

My first outfit is styled around a light tan color Edwardian look waistcoat vest 
I layered a sheer ivory bow blouse under the vest 
and wore it with my ivory culottes, before packing them up for next spring  

I like the details on this vest:  An interesting collar and a double row of brass tone buttons

A 50's vintage embossed box bag
and faux pearl encrusted owl figure earrings to accessorize 

For shoes, bronze metallic T-straps with wing tip toes
 and funky heels to finish this look

 Currently, I'm unpacking my boxes of clothes from storage
 that haven't been worn in six months
 It feels like I'm getting a brand new wardrobe!
It's fun to see how old things can be remixed with current purchases

The 80's is a decade that is being heavily referenced this season,
None of these pieces are from the eighties except the earrings
but I think this outfit looks like a throwback to that era
All that's missing are the giant shoulder pads!

Grey vest over a bright red long sleeve blouse worn with a dark gray pencil skirt

A neck bow is almost essential for an eighties look

Carrying a royal blue star studded clutch bag

Incorporating two trending colors into the accessories, royal blue and bright red

Navy blue block heel pumps to finish the outfit

Here's an outfit with a vest from last fall
I have uncovered a number of other vests 
that I am keen to remix this season

Th fall flowers and foliage are starting to take over the landscape
in my area, but most of the trees are still green 

A little bit of red signaling the change of seasons is coming

Still a lot of late summer color, though

I hope everyone has a good week!

Sunday, September 27, 2020

Fall florals

I wear florals all year long,
so for this post I chose a floral in each of the popular jewel tones of the fall season

I am very happy to see shades of bright blue and red are featured heavily
 in the autumn and winter color palette this season
The jewel tone colors generally make a resurgence in the fall,
along with the traditional warm autumnal shades in nature 

 Pantone is promoting the color Classic blue (which is the new name for royal blue)
 as well as Samba Red, a bright vibrant shade 

My first outfit is a lively print of blue and purple flowers on a black background 
This dress has a wide ruffled collar and an asymmetrical ruffled hemline
The collar is partially covered in this picture 
by the wrap cardigan I have layered on top   

The next time I wear this dress, I think I will
    either tuck the collar in, under the layer on top, or wear the dress on it's own
The collar looks a little wacky in these photos-
Live and learn

Carrying a metallic silver fold over clutch 

For jewelry I chose a heart ❤️ shaped silver necklace,
a blue rhinestone bracelet and double faux pearl earrings
Covid times allow the opportunity for rummaging around in drawers and closets
  I have pulled things out that have been long forgotten,
 and haven't seen the light of day for ages, like this bracelet  

Black d'orsay low heeled pumps to finish the outfit

The other jewel tone color that is big this fall is Samba Red
Not that red ever goes out of style-it is classic and timeless 
I like this dress for it's clever design,
with a burst of red flowers on one side
 and a few spare petals on a black background on the other

It's a magic dress-
slimming, masking and curve enhancing all at the same time! 

Carrying a red vintage 50's handle bag

I chose a mix of gold and rose tone jewelry to accessorize 
A tube and chain necklace, a rhinestone bangle and drop hoop earrings

Navy and black Zebra print T-strap heels
to complete the look

Here is a floral from this time last year-
A navy blue flared skirt  faux wrap dress
 with a multicolor oversize floral and paisley print

 Chrysanthemums:  The quintessential fall flower

Fancy two-toned mum

Pink summer beauties still thriving among the pumpkins

Thanks for stopping by, I hope everyone has a good week!