Thursday, June 30, 2016

This week's thrift shop adventure

I suspect as the summer goes on, the thrift shop selection will start to dwindle, until things pick back up in early autumn.

For now, there is still abundance!

This pretty lavender dress in one of my favorite styles, the wrap, caught my eye.  But, after a little thought, I could picture myself at the end of the day, a mass of wrinkles, as it is 100% linen. 
 Not so pretty, I better pass.

A fit and flare dress with big colorful flowers, I'm in!  Oh, but it would require a strapless bra.  The one I have now, is just not working for me.  I tug at it to keep it in place, so it is an item that is still on my "need to replace yesterday" list. 

Love this, and it's such a good fit.  Short, thought. Maybe as a tunic?

This week, there were lots of tops and blouses.

I liked this one with Oriental influences

and I love blue stripes for summer

This is a style I usually shy away from, but it might be worth experimenting with at thrift shop prices

More prints

White and black and white

A denim skirt I would have bought, but it was stretched out funny on one side.
  Too much wear is one of the things to look out for on a thrift shop hunt. 

A mixed print, the major part of the co-crdinating work is already done!
 Too bad this was too big.

Great colors on this pastel bag

I rarely ever look at the jeans and pants at the thrift shop, since, for me, they are the most difficult fit.  But, by chance, an employee rolled out a new rack of them while I was there, and these were on it.  Close, but not quite.

I rarely find shoes, but these were a hit.  A perfect fit, and barely worn, by Ellen Tracy.

I bought the shoes, they were $16, which is more than I would usually pay at a thrift shop for shoes, but perfect is perfect, so I sprang for them!  I also got the pale pink with black print sheer blouse to experiment with.

If you enjoy shopping at thrift and second hand stores, I hope you have good luck!

Monday, June 27, 2016


I'm a fan of peplum style tops and dresses.  This style has had a bit of a revival over the past few seasons, especially this summer.  For me it's a classic!  Here are three versions I have worn recently.

 Peplum blouse, with 3-D flowers, with a mixed print skirt

Strappy shoes and summery silver accessories

Ruffled peplum blouse in an abstract print, with a pleated midi skirt

Shoes and belt to match

with a vintage white beaded clutch, from the 50's

Lace overlay peplum top with a black pencil skirt

a ruffled bag

and a bright pink polka dot scarf, to add interest

Although I'm not a master layer-er, I have tried this style under a shorter layer, like a cropped jacket.  It has lots of possibilities for mixing!

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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Nordstrom Rack shop

I tend to stop in at brick and mortar stores when they are conveniently "on the way" to, or from someplace else, these days.  I'm not advocating this style of shopping, but it works for me sometimes!

 I found these beauties at the Rack this week.

This Rebecca Minkoff dress has so many pretty details.  The print is a shimmering rose gold metallic,
but the style is for someone else.

Powder blue and the lace I am craving, this summer!

This is such a pretty summer style, (the wrinkles are distracting).  It was little to short on me, though.

Love the rich teal color of this lace dress, but it weighed a ton!

On to more casual things.

I thought of a lot of possibilities for wearing this feminine, floaty, ruffled hem tunic.  I'm really embracing the ruffles and lace, right now. This blouse  comes in several colors, but, all are muted and dusty shades, and very hard for me to wear.

 I'm not a jumpsuit person, (the bathroom thing), but I fell for this one.  The mixing possibilities are practically endless, and it looked so chic on, but...

These just make me smile :) Rainbow sneakers!

I've been watching these French Connection low heeled pumps, and waiting patiently for them to be marked down from $79.  The grommets and D'Orsay style elevate them from basic.

I just love the lush prints on these two skirts.  They would be mine, if not for the very high waisted style.

A magical floral garden, just what I want to wear, and where I want to be this summer!
This is a possibility for an upcoming summer event.

It was a fun browse, and I didn't come home empty handed!  I bought this gauzy, embroidered blouse by Lucky Brand, and have my eye on a few other things.
I wore the blouse with a floral skirt that has been a closet summer staple for years, and I can think of lots of other ways to mix this pretty Boho style! 

Monday, June 20, 2016

Dots and circles

Continuing with my love of geometric prints!
  I realize I have a lot of circle and dot prints, especially in my summer wardrobe.  

A straight skirt in a delightfully cheerful print of multi colored and sized circles.  This skirt has been in my wardrobe for years. I paired it with a current trend, a lace up top.

Accessorized with a much loved 1960's pink patent clutch, and silver tone interlocking circles cuff bracelet.

White with black polka dots skirt, paired with a sky blue pullover

with a metallic envelope clutch, and oxidized interlocking irregular round shape choker.

Lastly, more circles!
  This time, on a shift dress covered with a print of black and blue circles within circles,
paired with a royal blue cropped cardigan

and a black patent clutch, and two toned flats.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

This week's thrift shop-a bonanza of dresses

This week at the thrift shop, there were a lot of new dresses to try.
  You never know, every week is different!

I started with this cute dress.  I have a lot of black and white prints in my closet, already, 
 but if it had looked perfect on, I would have made an exception!

Pretty lace, but not perfect on, (again with the black and white).

Love the print, but this one looked better on the hanger than on me :(

Too tight, I can't move!

Too short, I can't bend over!

In hindsight, I should have bought this one, but I didn't know I would be invited to a beach wedding this summer until too late!

This is just cute, I should have brought this home, too.

Not my best style, but once in a while it will work, so I had to try.

Attracted to the color, but just looked blah on me.

Really wanted this little denim skirt to fit, but a little too snug.

Attracted to the print, but it's too big.

Fit is really the hardest thing for me, at the thrift store.  All of these were "my size",
but a small, is not a small, is not a small, if you know what I mean!

This is the one I liked the most, and bought.  It's by Tommy Bahama.  Unlike the wrap dress above, this one looked better on me, than on the hanger.  Success!

Hope you score a bargain this week!