Thursday, July 28, 2016

Summer on sale

It's that time of year. The middle of summer, when the fall fashions slowly start edging out the summer stock, and the clearance sales are in full swing.  There are lots of cute seasonal things  available, at reduced prices.  If you are shopping for summer looks, be prepared to patiently dig through the disorganized jumble, however!   

If you're craving color, some cute summer dresses at Penney's.

A festive print off the shoulder top.

A light jacket to cover your arms from the sun, or your goose bumps from over zealous air conditioning! 

Marshall's has some cool and comfortable casual shifts and fit and flare style dresses.

Love the embroidery

and the scallops.

 Target has the ruffles and frills!

This one screams the 70's.

Lace looks

and, soft washed denim for the hot, sticky weather.

Of course, florals must be represented, the wilder, the better!

I bought this white dress at Target.  It was on the clearance rack for $17.49.

Enjoy the hunt!

Monday, July 25, 2016


The major influence of pastels this season has sent me scrambling.
  I usually don't wear pastels very often.  I mostly rely on the nautical combination of red, white and blue, bright pink, and bright florals in the summer.  Here's how my try at incorporating a few pastels into my summer wardrobe is going.
A mix of a white peplum top with a floral printed pastel DVF skirt that has been languishing in my closet.

Summery jewelry-starfish necklace and turquoise enamal and silver tone bracelet

with neutral tie heels, and a vintage 1940's white linen lucite frame bag. 

Ruffles and Rose Quartz, the pastel of the season, with light wash denim

and a neutral  bag and sandals with light weight mixed metal jewelry.

Lastly, a peach lace top, and white scalloped hem skirt

with a peach bag and gold tone jewelry.  The necklace is from the 50's.

 Pastel inspiration from nature

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Thursday, July 21, 2016

This stuff has to go

I have been sorting through my closet(s), and through some boxes, over the past few weeks.
 Little by little I am culling some things that I no longer wear.  I become attached to my clothes, and find it hard to let go! I always think about the possibilities for refreshing them first, by mixing the old with the new, but sometimes it's time to give someone else a chance to create something new. 
These are some of the things I am ousting.

I resurrected this pullover early this spring, and wore it once this season, because of the trending
rose quartz and peach echo colors in it.  I think I am ready to let it go to a new home, now.

I also wore this jacket this spring, but as much as I like it, it has become wonky in shape, so goodbye.

These two print blouses are always passed up, but deserve one more try.  (They are on probation.) 

It's been two summers since I wore this. I think it's the color and in-between length that moved it to the back of the closet. Difficult for me to style, so good-bye.

Wore and wore this, and definitely got my money's worth.  Thinking about the cost per wear, I'm sure it's down to pennies.  Now I'm just tired of the print.

This one was east, it's just too big.

I thrifted this, and have worn it a few times, but I really don't like the print, anymore.

Wore this dress that I bought on consignment to an event, but it's not a good style for me.
  It would be dynamite on the right person!

Clings, so bye.

I think I'm going to try cutting this maxi into a skirt.

I went through a drawer of  knit tops, too.
If you haven't tried this way of folding knits, yet, I recommend it.  You can see what you have much more easily, and I am so surprised at how much less space this way of folding takes up!

Going, it's too big.

Tired of the pearl neckline.

Again, the pearls.

And the embellishments.

Why don't I wear this grey tee?  I like the leather trim.  I'll give it one more chance.

 I feel pretty good about starting this project, and plan to slowly and thoughtfully, go through all of my clothes, little by little.  I think I will wait a week, before donating them,though, just in case I have a change of heart on anything!  

Monday, July 18, 2016

White linen tie waist vest three ways

This sleeveless linen blend, tie waist vest from whowhatwear is so versatile, it seems to have limitless possibilities. And I have only tapped a few!  I love it when that happens.

  Sometimes I buy things that I think will mix famously with what is already in my wardrobe, only to discover that it just doesn't work out IRL like it did in my mind.  This purchase, however, surprised me in a good way!

Worn with a white peasant blouse, light wash skinnies

and a pair of neutral wedge sandals that have proved equally versatile. I reach for these time and again for the second season running.

Mint quilted clutch and diamond pattern cuff bracelet.

I like ivory and tan during the hot summer months.  The vest modernizes a skirt and tee that have been worn for years.

With leather and cork platform sandals and a 50's vintage clutch.

This time, with a wild floral print skirt that has been languishing, destined to become a closet orphan.

With mixed material sandals, a woven look frame clutch

and rose gold tone bling.

Not convinced of it's perfection? it has pockets, too!

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