Thursday, March 30, 2017

March thrift

Browsing the thrift store this week, I was a little aimless.
It is easy to steer away from the heavy sweaters, long sleeves, and dark colors in general.  
What to look for is a bit more challenging. 
The shapes and proportions of just about everything have been making a big shift
 over the past few seasons and
  I'm having trouble picturing what will work with what's in my current wardrobe.

I'm definitely attracted to the pretty pastels and florals of the season!
This spring I feel like lightening my palette even more than usual.
Maybe it is the unusually long and lingering winter.

I like the crossed straps in the "V" neckline on this top and the color mix.

Love this yummy shade of blue, too.

There's a lot of emphasis on shirting fabric this season and
this is a nice flattering twist on that trend.

The look of a wrap without ever having to adjust.  I'm in!

Gingham, floral and green-all the trends in one shirt.

All the pastels in one shirt.

This is an interesting vintage set to wear together for the look of a dress,
and pull apart for lots of mix and match possibilities.
Bonus points for being a neutral white and black print.

A pretty floral midi in the blues of the season.

A cute piped cropped lace jacket to play nicely 
with the high waisted trend.

Pink!  Need I say more?

Ditto for the animal print.

I'm kicking myself for leaving this behind.
  It would be great left open as a long duster style coat.
Too bad I realized this after I left the store :(

Nice vintage reptile embossed bag.
My closest thrift shop very rarely has any nice vintage things to chose from,
this week was an exception.

Happy hunting, everyone!

Monday, March 27, 2017

Season-less olive

Olive will definitely still be a player in my spring and summer wardrobe,
 but this is the last wear for most of the items in this post, until next fall season.
  It's finally time to lighten up, and shuck off the layers!

First, a sleeveless midi dress with tie belt, worn with a black and white horse print shirt.

Worn with neutral suede ankle strap wedges,
a favorite vintage red handle bag for a pop of color,
 and a burnished gold tone and rhinestone statement necklace. 

This outfit is made up of an olive drawstring waist jacket and an oatmeal flared midi skirt.
I think I will keep this skirt out for spring.  It does't get much wear and I think it will blend nicely with pastels.  Super long floral scarf for a nod to spring!

Worn with stack heel mules and ivory satchel.

This look starts with a casual jersey hoodie dress with a flared skirt.
I struggled with this one.  Nothing looked right with it, although it seemed like it would be so versatile.  Now I'm thinking I might try it sometime with sneakers.  

Worn with a wide vintage silver belt that hasn't been out of the closet for ages, 
and taupe knee high boots.
Silver tone collar necklace, to finish.

I am so ready for spring.
Bring on the flowers and every shade of pink in Pantone's color book!

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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Wistful for spring weather to come

I am really craving spring.
Although the magic first day of spring has come and gone,
the weather here is not cooperating and I am still shivering in my shoes!
  Currently, it feels like I am never going to be able to finally ditch my winter coats for the season. When the weather does finally break, 
I'm going to bust out everything white, floral, and pastel I own!  
For now, I'll just look (and pine).

Love this pretty, white lace midi dress, with it's flippy, flirty skirt.

And this sporty sleeveless dress with an overlay of big fun eyelet dots.

Flowers are always big for spring, and this year they are bigger that ever.
I like the cute triangle cutout on this dress.

Although you can't see it in this picture, this blue floral print
has a crinoline underneath, for extra swish!

I like this sweet floral print in a light and floaty fabric, too.

Moving away from florals for just a minute,
isn't the print on this shift, great?  It looks like happy retro rainbows!

 More florals! This time on blouses and tops.  
A pink blouse rockin' three trends at once; flowers, ruffles and bare shoulders!

There are countless ruffle treatments popping up this season.
This one, a little dressy,

and this chambray, more casual.

I'm loving that lace is still trending, too.
It goes so well with all the ruffles and florals-so girly.

I am noticing many creative touches to the white cotton shirt.
This one has an asymmetrical tiered peplum. 

The bomber lightens up and goes floral, too.

I'm really loving the look of white this season with all the pastels,
so I NEED this in my size

I noticed that there is such a concentration on blouses and sleeve treatments,
that skirts seem to be in short supply in the shops.
Here's a cute one, at Penney's.

I'm pulling my spring and summer clothes out of the basement this weekend,
whether I can wear them yet or not!

Monday, March 20, 2017

Red belted jumper 3 ways

I like to keep getting dressed simple and streamlined whenever possible!
 A sleeveless dress or jumper is a great way to get a variety of looks from layering
 a basic piece, like this red jumper.
The first wear is with an abstract printed mock neck blouse with bell sleeves
 layered underneath the dress.

I wore this dress with vintage suede lace ups, block heels and a mock reptile shoulder bag.
A crystal bangle, and leaf shaped earrings, embedded with crystals to accessorize.

This wear, I took off the wide belt that came with the jumper
 and layered a navy blazer in a subtle plaid on top.

Worn with navy suede booties and a metallic quilted bag.
Modern bold silver tone tube necklace, and simple cuff bracelet
finish off this look.

The last wear is with a black and white windowpane plaid blouse under the dress. 
I love that black and white are neutral and go with everything! 

Worn with black stack heel pumps, and a two tone mini bucket bag.
Gold tone and black enameled bracelet and the square stud earrings
that are my "go to's". 

Hope everyone had a great weekend.

I'm really looking forward to spring like whether, and the fun project
of changing out my winter wardrobe for spring!

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Friday, March 17, 2017

The Tundra Swans

Tundra Swans are part time residents along the mid-Atlantic coastline where I live.

  They migrate to the shallow coastal waters of the Chesapeake Bay and surrounding waterways every autumn. We usually start to see them sometime in November.  They stay all winter, and fly back to the Arctic tundra of Canada and Alaska in March, where they live the remainder of the year, to mate and raise their young. 

 These snowy white birds are very large, weighing up to 35 pounds.
  Some grow to over 4 feet tall, with a wing span of up to 5 feet.  They are very distinctive looking and graceful birds, and can be identified be their long straight necks, and black bills.

They travel and live in flocks,    

and as you can see, they get along harmoniously with other water birds.

You can get an idea of the size of the Tundra swan, 
by comparing it to the Mallard ducks above, and this little Bufflehead duck, below. 

The bay provides plenty to eat for all.  Like the various types of ducks
 in the area, the swans eat aquatic grasses and other plants and seeds.
The swans stretch their long necks down under the water to reach their favorite foods,
 growing on the bottom of the bay.

It is believed that they mate for life,
 and can frequently be seen floating along in pairs within their flocks.

They sleep on the water, with their long necks tucked in around them.

To take flight, they beat their strong wings furiously, until they are airborne,
 as they are large and heavy birds.

They land quite smoothly and gracefully, though.

Any day now, they will be leaving our area, for their long and daunting 3,000 mile migration north.  They fly in "V" formation, or linear flocks.

I will miss their graceful bodies floating peacefully across the water.

Happy weekend to all!