Friday, April 28, 2017

Victoria Beckham for Target, part 2

In a continuation of last Friday's post about the Victoria Beckham 
  collaboration with Target, these are the items I ordered from the Target website,
that were not available in our closest retail store.

The first dress I tried on is pretty basic, the standout feature is the bright pink color!
It is a shift style, with slightly extended shoulders and a white trimmed flounced hem.
A number of the dresses I tried have a flounced hems,
and the ruffle is lined to give it more body.  Nice touch!

Picking up the white trim seemed a great way to accessorize this dress for spring.

I chose my white straw convertible clutch with floral appliques
and a 50's white flower necklace,

with white crossed ankle strap sandals.

The second dress I tried has a very 60's retro vibe.  Love!
It's an A-line shift, with giant graphic flowers appliqued to the front in black faux leather.
The back of the dress is plain black.  I'm wearing it with a sheer black top underneath. 

Accessories are my tan faux woven box clutch,
and gold tone jewelry with simple lines.

Mixed material gold block heeled sandals tie all the neutrals together.

The last piece I'm showing on me, is the bright orange one shoulder dress.
This is one of the signature pieces of the collection, and has really sweet details!
There is scalloped trim on the bodice, that is very nicely done and a half bow on the shoulder.
This dress has the same flounced hem as the first dress.

Accessorized with gold!
Matte gold clutch, gold tone bangles and gold hoop earrings.

Sparkly gold block heel ankle strap sandals to finish the look.

This next dress is very cute, in cheerful, bright pink,
but it turned out to be too big and too short for me.
It's a loose fitting mid thigh length shift, with 3/4 length cuffed sleeves and
a deep flounced hem.  It has a wide boat neckline, and faux front hip pockets.

I planned to style this dress casually, with a pink and striped tassel clutch,
white flower earrings and white bow flats.

This last item, a skirt, is also too short for me.
But I love the fun and whimsical 60's inspired floral print!

It's pipped in black, and has the look of a tennis skirt, 
this is the side view.

I styled it with a black faux leather trimmed sleeveless blouse,

and bronze clutch, gold ballet flats, and gold tone and black enameled jewelry.

I'm not sure which items I will keep,
 but it sure was fun to try on and play with these adorable pieces!

Thought for the day:
"All we need is just a little patience"-
Guns 'N Roses, from their song titled "Patience".

Today, I could use a little more patience with myself.  How about you?

Monday, April 24, 2017

Ring my bell

This season, their is a huge emphasis on sleeve treatments of all types,
 and the creative variations just keep coming!
For today's post, I decided to show three outfits with tops that have the popular bell sleeve.  

The blouse in the first outfit has bracelet length bell sleeves.
This style works pretty well for me, proportionally and functionally.  You probably know where I'm going with this.  A lot of the current sleeves seem to be strictly about the beauty of them, as doing anything with your arms and hands becomes quite out of the question without dragging the sleeve through everything you touch!

I wore this eclectic floral print in peach, red and olive with an olive linen pencil skirt,

and pale blush tie pumps with a scalloped blush convertible clutch.
 I have turned to these two versatile accessories many times over the past two years. 

A neutral belt and red swallow earrings finish the look.

This take on the basic white shirt, has long bell sleeves and was a little problematic for me.
I ended up pushing the draw string bows at the elbows further up my arms
 to keep the sleeves out of my way.
I like the top, though, so I think I might cut the sleeves to 3/4 length.
Worn with a white and multi print pencil skirt. 

DIY beaded necklace, gold tone and black enamel bracelet and black patent leather clutch.
Black strappy heels to finish.

The sleeves on this bold navy and white striped top 
also proved a little problematic for me. 
  By the end of the day, I pushed these sleeves up with rubber bands above the bell cuff.
This kept the sleeves from flopping around my wrists.
Worn with white ankle cropped denim,  

and red sling back flats, and a navy and white striped box clutch. 

My 50's silver tone and red plastic necklace and square silver tone earrings to finish.

I'll continue to experiment with all the wonderful sleeve details of the season,
but I think, as pretty and romantic as they are,
 the long sleeve bell is a no for me and my lifestyle.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Victoria Beckham for Target, part 1 of 2

 I'm a big fan of Victoria Beckham's clean minimal designs,

  and was very curious to see how her much anticipated collaboration
 with Target would turn out.

 I'm not really one to stand in line before store opening to compete in a crowd
 for the next big thing, but, by happy chance,
  my husband was passing right by a Target early Sunday morning, on the day of the collection's launch. He volunteered to stop in and check it out.  Sweet guy!  He was successful in bringing home four of my favorites chosen earlier from the website.  One of the dresses turned out to be too big, the orange one pictured above, so I got on line and ordered it in a smaller size without any problem.  Since our closest store is a small one,  I also ordered a few things that were not carried there.  I'll show them in a forthcoming blog, since I just received them.

  I am so pleasantly surprised by the collection!  The quality, attention to detail, workmanship and fabrics are all superior for the price point, with most of the misses size clothing running between $26 and $40.  And, of course, I love the designs!

Since this is a one time collaboration and the pieces won't be available again,
 (except maybe on ebay), I got all the pieces I liked, to decide which fit
and would be most versatile in my wardrobe.

  I tried everything on, making outfits of to pieces that fit and a were working best for me.  There is only a two week window to decide and return if they don't fit.  BTW, if you haven't seen the items in person to try them on, they do run a little large, so you may need to size down if you're between sizes.  Also, many of the items are quite short length wise.

First, I tried on the sleeveless orange shift dress
 with the deep flounce and black scalloped bodice.
It fit well, and I like it!  Plus it looks like it will be pretty versatile.
I styled it under a black and white pinstriped short sleeved wrap jacket.

Accessories from my closet include a tan faux woven box clutch,
pearl earrings and a large open design silver tone cuff.

Tan pointed toe D'Orsay pumps to finish.

Here's another possibility for styling this dress, using items already it my closet.

With a black and white floral print 3/4 sleeve blouse under the dress,

and my black the white striped handle bag, gold tone and orange enamel buckle bracelet and flat strappy black sandals.

Even the back has cute details!

Next, I tried the long sleeved bee print shirt.
I love the whimsical print!
There are lots of ways to wear this classic, collarless button front shirt.
I tried the obvious first, black ankle cropped trousers.

The bees are very realistic, depicted flying in all directions.

I accessorized with a bolder print, my DVF circles clutch.
Simple minimal gold tone and black enamel jewelry looked best,

and summery straw block heel sandals.

For another possible outfit, I paired the shirt tucked into a black flounced hem skirt.

Metallic sandals and bag, with a printed scarf tied to the bag to add color. 
And a yellow belt to bring out the yellow in the cute bee print of the shirt. 

I had this outfit in mind for the collection's adorable floral garden print skirt.
A cuffed short sleeve white tie front shirt,

with my yellow 60's vintage handle bag.
Silver tone and black enamel flower earrings and knot bracelet.
Mule sneakers to keep it casual.

I found this skirt to be too short for me,
but it would be great for those of you who can rock a mid thigh length!

All in all a think the collection is a big success.
 I haven't decided which pieces to keep, yet,
it was fun to style them!

Monday, April 17, 2017

Wrap around

I love a wrap!  Tops, skirts, dresses-I love them all.
 The best thing about them is their adjustability, and their ability to create a waist.
  On the other side, you have to be covered in case a stiff wind blows up
  and, well, unwraps you if you chose a dress or skirt!

This first outfit is a wrap front top tied in a bow at the waist,
 and worn with a pair of Gingko leaf print wide cropped pants.

Red platform woven straw sandals to help me out with this proportion I'm not used to.

A red ring handle bag and modern design silver tone jewelry complete the look.

This next outfit is a simple one.  The dress is a geometric print with
  sleeve cuffs and a tie belt in stripes of the same colors that are in the print.
  It's all coordinated for you, to make for an easy morning getting dressed!

Worn with camel D'Orsay pointed toe pumps and a two toned mini bucket bag.
Simple gold tone jewelry and I'm good to go. 

This red wrap top with shiny gold metallic threads, is a classic.
 It's been in my closet for years, and I never get tired of it.
  It has extra long ties that I've wrapped around twice and tied in the back, on this wearing.
  Other times, I have tied it in a big bow with long streamers.
Worn over a sleeveless ivory lace dress.

Accessorized with navy sandals and a navy quilted chain strap bag

and a favorite gold tone interlocking heart necklace.

Linking up with Visible Monday

I realize I did a post last April on the same style, titled It's a wrap.

Friday, April 14, 2017

Taking up space in my closet

This is quite an eclectic assortment of garments, 
to co exist in one closet, if I do say so myself!

These pieces do not get much love,
 and are taking up precious real estate, so on they go to a new owner!

I definitely got my money's worth on this dress.
I may just pack it away this season, because I still like it,
I'm just tired of animal prints, right now.

I only wore this dress a couple of times.
I am drawn to the print, but the high waisted style is not right for me.

A basic workhorse that needs to be updated.

The super low "V" just looks wrong on me.

This dress is another one that served me well,
but I'm tired of the animal print, at present.

I wore this to two casual weddings.  It's another low "V" 
that just doesn't suit me.

I am giving away several maxi skirts, 
I love the idea of them, but find I always pass over them for casual wear.

Another maxi skirt

Zebra print knit jacket.  I enjoyed wearing this,
but wore it enough to get tired of it.  This happens with black and white items
because they are so versatile!

I like zig zag prints, but this one is a tunic, which I rarely wear.

Another cute zig zag, but too big for me.

As much as I like this sweater,  every time I try to style it,
it just looks out of proportion on me.
It was included in my last closet clean out post, but I retrieved it for one last try.
It's definitely time to go, now! 

Love the vibrant colors on this woven top, but it's too big for me.

This style looks like it belongs on a teen ager,
but I love the starry print. 

Still debating on this one.

It feels good to sift and sort and make decisions that will free up closet space.