Sunday, June 18, 2023

It's Hip to be Square-Square Necklines

Hello, welcome! And thanks for stopping by my blog!

Square necklines have been having some time in the spotlight over the past few years
 I first started noticing them a lot in the Cottagecore niche, in dresses, blouses and vests
Now, more pieces with square necklines have moved to grace many other styles, 
and have trickled over to mainstream fashion
I love this style of neckline, and am glad to see it has gained popularity
 and has proven to have some staying power!

My first outfit features a square neckline peplum blouse in a bit of a retro boho style,
with long full sleeves and an all over cheerful multi colored floral print 
I paired the blouse with a super full lilac skirt
that matches one of the minor colors in the top    


Complementing this outfit with jewelry with a slightly boho look, too
Wearing large gold tone hoop earrings, my much loved bow bracelet,
(I wish I could clone this bracelet in every color of the rainbow 🌈)
and a two toned stylized butterfly necklace

It is finally time to get out my summertime purses and shoes!
Carrying a bag that has become one of my go to's 
and you will surely be seeing more of it this season
The natural wicker seems to magically compliment almost every warm weather outfit,
and the sea shell detail 🐚 has a fun beachy, vacation feel to me!

Natural tan braided band sandals to finish the look

Next, a sweet summery dress with a square neckline
It's pretty details include a smocked bodice, 3/4 length sleeves with bows
at the ends, and a ruffled hem full skirt
Oh, and of course I love all the flowers 🌺 🌸 in the print 

Carrying another one of my favorite summer bags
It is a 1960's vintage white wicker one, with a plastic see through panel in the front
allowing you to see the fantastically printed lining
(I took out all of the distracting contents out for the photo)

I chose light and breezy summertime jewelry for this outfit
A faux pearl collar necklace and half daisy earrings

Skimmer bow toe ballet flats for a casual look today,
but this dress is very versatile and could easily be dressed up with different accessories 

What's blooming in June?

I look for this Cactus to bloom along the path where I walk at around this time each year
Cacti are rare plantings in my area, but this one must be in just the right super sunny spot
because it really thrives here
This year the flowers have bloomed much more slowly over the course of a week, so far
In previous years they have bloomed and the flowers have faded in a few days
They are a special treat to behold!   

Hope everyone enjoys their week!



Nancy 's Fashion Style said...

I always loved different necklines, but they don't suit me at all. Just like off shoulder, not for me. But it does look good on you. And what a beautiful cactus! Huge!

Jessica Jannenga said...

Hello Di!
I love a great square neckline, I find it very flattering!The purple skirt really picks up the color and as always I love your accessories with each pretty look. I just bought a white woven bag for summer- yours is adorable.
thanks for linking!
jess xx

Sally in St Paul said...

The square neckline suits these pretty floral summer pieces; this neckline looks really good one you. On me, it's iffy...though years ago I had a couple of pretty stretchy eyelet tops with square necklines that I loved.

Laura B said...

I love how square necklines set of collar bones! That floral dress is absolutely gorgeous on you! I love the pretty print!

mireille said...

I love square necklines: I find them unique and flattering.

Mica said...

I find square necklines a little tricky to accessorise but you have nailed both looks here - I love that top with the purple skirt, it flows so beautifully together, and that dress is stunning on you. Both such perfect summer outfits :)

Thank you for joining the Weekday Wear Link up! said...

I love both outfits! I just bought a top with a square neckline - it's not a style I usually wear but I really like it. I have a butterfly necklace just like yours - it's a really old one from Avon that I've had since childhood. Thanks for linking up!

Emma xxx